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Music Opportunities

Music Education in Group and Individualized Settings
Bloomington Community Education Youth Enrichment Programs offers music education opportunities for students age 7 through adult.  Offerings include group (when available) and private piano, guitar and band instrument lessons.   Registration for private lessons is not available on our registration website.   For lesson availability and registration information contact Michelle Glynn at or call 952-681-6108. 
To access registration information about group lessons and all other youth and enrichment opportunities, visit our website at

Private Instrument Lessons:
We offer affordable, individual, weekly 30 minute lessons for a variety of instruments including piano, guitar, and beginning band. Beginners through advanced students are welcome!
  • 30-minute, weekly, afterschool lessons
  • Affordable
  • Offered at specified Bloomington schools
  • Returning students may pre-register for the next session to keep the same lesson time and teacher.
Piano Lessons  Beginner through advanced levels
  • Students must be 7 years of age and oler to register
  • Must have a piano or keyboard at home for practice
    1 - 2 recitals per year (as per instructor

Guitar Lessons  Beginner through advanced levels
  • Students must be 8 years of age and oler to register
  • Must have a 6-string guitar  for lesson and practice at home
Instrument Lessons   Beginner through advanced level
  • Students must be 1 0 years of age and older to register
  • Must have instrument for weekly lesson and practice at home 
  • 1 -2 recitals per year (as per instructor)
For additional information or questions contact Michelle Glynn at or call 952-681-6108