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We Believe Alliance

We Believe Alliance is a not for profit organization with a mission to unite the Bloomington community and its schools to help close the disparity and achievement gaps.  The Alliance of schools, government, business, faith and civic organizations, and community agencies is working together to integrate educational, social and economic reforms to create an environment in which the most effective teaching and student learning can occur.


Our Goal

We Believe Alliance has created an Initiative for Lasting Change that will bring together community partners to:
Prepare ALL students for school;
Ensure ALL students are reading by third grade.  Early childhood education has been proven to close the achievement gap more than any intervention, and;
Close or eliminate the economic disparity and achievement gaps.

More information on this can be found on the official We Believe Alliance website.


We Believe Alliance Brochure
Official We Believe Alliance website

To learn more about the We Believe Alliance and become a partner in this complementary learning effort, please write or call:

We Believe Alliance
P.O. Box 202256
Bloomington, MN  55420

Pat Geraghty
Executive Director