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Early Childhood Family Education


What is ECFE?

ECFE stands for Early Childhood Family Education. The Early Childhood Family Center is a Community Services program of the Bloomington and Richfield public schools that provides classes, programs, and services for families with young children from birth to kindergarten age.

A typical ECFE class includes parent discussion facilitated by a parent educator while children play together in an early childhood classroom. Parents and children later join each other for fun learning activities. In other classes, parents and children spend the entire time playing and learning together, while a few are parent discussion only.

Most classes meet once a week for less than two hours. Quality educational childcare is provided on site, for a small fee, for siblings not enrolled in classes. The Early Childhood Family Center operates on a sliding fee scale; no one is turned away for inability to pay.
The goals of Early Childhood Family Education include the following:
  • To support parents in their child raising efforts;
  • To offer information about child development and alternative parenting techniques;
  • To help parents and their children communicate better;
  • To give children opportunities to discover and learn;
  • To promote positive parental attitudes; and
To provide information on community resources available to parents and children.

ECFE Calendar for 2016-17