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2575 W. 88th Street, Suite 200
Bloomington, MN  55431

Bloomington/Richfield Community Education is made up of many different departments and services. The list below includes many of our programs and contacts.


Tamra Sieve, 952-681-6102
Executive Director of Community Education

Mary Mooney, 952-681-6103
Administrative Assistant to Executive Director

Youth and Family Education

Jeanna Miller, 952-681-6214
Director of Youth and Family Management Services

Karen Cadigan, 952-681-6229
Early Childhood Specialist, Prenatal to 3 years

Stephanie Wise, 952-681-6213
Youth and Family Secretary

Facilities Use/Activity Center

Doug Langefels, 952-681-5282 or 952-806-7882

Nilcan Kalpak-Sakarya, 952-681-5283
Facilities Use Clerk

Adult Enrichment

Michelle Glynn, 952-681-6108
Coordinator, Bloomington

Carole McNaughton-Commers, 612-243-3001
Supervisor, Richfield

Tracey Hetland, 952-681-6113
Registration & Adult Enrichment Secretary

Stacy Johnson, 952-681-6111
Adult Enrichment Secretary

Adult Enrichment Registration Main Number

Drivers Education

Stacy Johnson, 952-681-6111
Drivers Education Secretary

Metro South Adult Basic Education

Kellie McGowan, 952-681-6119

Judy Bergstreser, 952-681-6106

Alternative Educational Services

Judy Stelmazek, 952-681-6109
Learning Exchange/Metro South Volunteers Secretary

Kids SAFARI, Early Learners Academy, SLAM and Youth Enrichment

Alex Locke, 952-681-6129
Program Manager

Diane Simkins, 952-681-6125

Ruth Beckman, 952-681-6128
Kids SAFARI Billing & Registration

Diane LaFontaine, 952-681-6128
Kids SAFARI Billing & Registration

Michelle Glynn, 952-681-6124
Youth Enrichment Coordinator

Meg Huttner, 952-681-6105
Inclusion Liaison


Betsy Miller, 952-681-6134

Stacy Johnson, 952-681-6111
Aquatics Registration