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Bloomington-Richfield Community Education Advisory Council

The purpose of the Bloomington/Richfield Community Education

Advisory Council is to...

  • promote Community Education in Bloomington and Richfield public schools;
  • provide the necessary coordination and communication among all public and private institutions, agencies and organizations in order to maximize efficiency and eliminate duplication of services;
  • study and make recommendations to the Executive Director of Community Education and the School Boards regarding budgets, services and evaluations of programs delivered by Community Education; and
  • work to identify school and community issues and resources. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding the Bloomington/Richfield Community Education Advisory Council, or are interested in becoming a member, please contact Mary Mooney at 952-681-6103 or

2016-2017 Advisory Council Members

John Ashmead
Richfield School Board
Krista Phillips
Jackie Doncavage (Vice-Chair)
City of Bloomington
Teresa Rosen 
Richfield School District
Judy Gervais
Richfield Resident
Jim Sorum
Bloomington School Board
Mary Jo Houlding
Bloomington Resident
Heather Starks
Bloomington Resident
Ann Jindra (Chair)
City of Richfield
Andrew Wilkins
Bloomington School District
Doug Langefels
Bloomington Resident/Metro S. Volunteer
Mary Mooney (Ex-Officio)
Bloomington School District
Brent Larson
Bloomington Resident
Carole McNaughton-Commers (Ex-Officio)
Richfield School District
Marilyn Nelson
Bloomington Resident
Tamra Sieve (Ex-Officio)
Bloomington School District
Jeremy Peters
Richfield Resident